How do I sign up?

Our sign up process is designed to be simple and easy.

Our caring team will walk you through the contract and explain any questions that you may have!

You can sign up in advance, same day, in person or virtually.

How do I know which membership is best for me?

The Petridish team wants to see your business succeed. We can present you with flexible memberships to suit your needs.

You won't be oversold or have to deal with any pesky add ons - there are no hidden costs to our memberships!

Can I stop in or should I make an appointment for a tour?

You can always drop in for a peek at what we're up to, anytime during the week. However, to ensure our availability we advise you to schedule your tour.

Please email to set up an appointment!

What are the major benefits of a share office space?

Petridish is a local business that can offer flexible terms, experts all around you and a friendly community.

I'm not a business, can I rent a desk for independent learning?

Yes, you're very welcome to do so. We have a few members undertaking research.

What type of businesses work out of Petridish and will I fit in?

Petridish is home to a diverse range of people working in vastly different industries. We have startups and small businesses, established companies and everyone from game developers to accountants and communication experts.

Check out our community page to see who is here. Everyone is welcome!

What is your pet policy?

We are pet friendly and allow dogs on the premises. Please keep them on a leash :)

Is there parking?

We have parking near our building from $45+gst per week.

Is there a safe place to lock up my bike?

Yes, we have the perfect secure spot just outside of the building for your bicycle. Bring a bike lock!

My job requires me to talk on the phone a lot.

Petridish is a Coworking space where it is essential that all members co-habituate without inconveniencing the others. On second floor we do have a quiet area however, level 1 is more lively space. In case you need to be on phone for longer duration, we recommend that you use our ‘phone booths’ that are available for free on level 2.

What are the extra costs?

Because just about everything is included, it’s easier to say what’s not included. You have to pay extra for private carparking and printing - which are both optional!

All members receive a discount at The Dish Cafe!

Do you have a cafe onsite?

Yes! The Dish Cafe on our ground floor. Drop in for a superb barista coffee and try our fresh and delicious food. We offer a display cabinet full of fresh food, plus baked goods and treats.