Petridish's purpose, expectations and consequences


To create a positive and safe environment, we have established a code of conduct for everyone who uses the co-working space at Petridish.

This code of conduct applies to the use of private desks and office spaces, as well as meeting rooms and participation in any events held on our premises.


Petridish is committed to providing a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment for all individuals, irrespective of gender, identity, disability, race, age, or religious affiliation.

Expected Behaviour

By respecting the space and each other, we can foster a thriving working environment and contribute to the success of Petridish. We kindly request that all members and guests adhere to the following expectations:

1. Treat all members, guests, visitors, and staff with kindness, courtesy and respect. Be mindful of how your behaviour may impact others, both positively and negatively.

2. To maintain a peaceful environment, all members and guests in the shared space or offices with open doors, should set their phones to vibrate or silent mode. Phone conversations and online meetings should be conducted quietly to minimise noise. Please note the following guidelines:

  • Use headphones for online calls and video meetings, and;

  • Refrain from using the speaker function while talking on the phone.

If you are unable to use headphones or need to speak in a loud manner, please utilise the phone booths or meeting rooms. If you have an office, kindly close the door. Let Petridish staff know if you need assistance in finding a private space to conduct a call or online meeting.

3. Abusive behaviour or any behaviour that may cause harm to staff, members, guests, or others will not be tolerated.

4. Respect the premises and contribute to maintaining a professional working environment. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Leaving the space clean and tidy, and;

  • Returning items to their original positions, and;

  • Properly disposing of rubbish / recycling, and;

  • Washing and putting away dishes after use, and;

  • Keeping the kitchen clean and wiping down counters and tables after use

5. Immediately clean any spillages in the premises or common areas. Please contact Petridish staff if you require assistance.

6. In the event of accidentally breaking something, please replace the item and notify us.

7. Gatherings within the shared space are permitted at a discounted Member rate and with prior approval from Petridish and mutual agreement.

8. Ensure proper recycling by disposing of paper, cardboard, cans, bottles, etc, in the designated bins. Containers must be clean.

9. Casual members should ensure that the work area is completely cleared for the next user.

10. Overnight living or sleeping on the premises is strictly prohibited.

11. Do not alter or move any part of the setup in the premises or install partitions.

12. Store goods or equipment only in designated areas or as permitted by your membership.

13. Obtain written consent from Petridish before posting signs, hosting events, or using the facility outside the scope of your membership.

14. Petridish reserves the right to close all or parts of the premises if deemed necessary for safety.

15. Refrain from interfering with drains, toilets, sinks, basins, water supply, gas, electrical plumbing, or any other services on the premises. Use these facilities only for their intended purpose.

16. Avoid actions that may disrupt the efficient operation of services or amenities, such as air conditioning, lifts, smoke detectors, fire alarms, etc. You will be responsible for any resulting charges.

17. Do not engage in activities within the premises or common areas that may pose a danger to others.

18. Promptly report any accidents, problems, or repairs needed for services or facilities on the premises to Petridish.

19. Immediately inform Petridish of any accidents or injuries that occur on the premises.

20. Do not store or use flammable, explosive, or corrosive substances or chemicals on the premises.

21. Comply with Petridish's reasonable requirements for fire safety and participate in fire or emergency drills as instructed.

22. In the event of any risk or danger, such as a bomb threat, fire, liquid spill, or similar situation, immediately notify Petridish and follow their instructions, including evacuating the premises if necessary.

23. Petridish reserves the right to expel any member, guest, or individual who behaves abusively or poses a security risk to the premises, its occupants, or property.

Consequences of Violation

If it is determined that your behaviour violates Petridish's Code of Conduct, the Petridish team reserves the right to expel individuals from the premises. In such cases, the remaining balance of your contract will be invoiced immediately. All decisions are final for the day, and disputes can be requested via email at

We appreciate your commitment to creating a positive and inclusive environment at Petridish. Your suggestions for further improving the code of conduct are always welcome.